Guitar Lessons Adams County

Tired of jamming the keys on Guitar Hero? Looking to impress the ladies with a Dashboard Confessional song? Then look no further. Guitar Lessons by Alex has got you covered. Learn chords, scales, songs, tunings, and basic guitar maintenance. Develop your ear, understanding of chords and their relation to scales, sense of rhythm, and picking and strumming techniques. He teaches absolute beginners to advanced players!

Alex Layne, guitar instructor, teaches in Adams County, York County, Carroll County and Littlestown Pennsylvania. He offers affordable, fun and creative guitar lessons. He is an experienced instructor accepting students in LIttlestown, Hanover, Westminster, Gettysburg, Frederick and surrounding areas. Alex inspired by these country artists. He also offers online lessons via Skype, nationwide. He has taught children and adults on electric and acoustic guitar.

Teaching keeps Alex playing sharp, it's rewarding when he hears someone play a song he helped them learn! 

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 Some things you can learn from Alex:

  1. Chords in the open position
  2. Songs featuring open chords
  3. Melodies and their relation to chords
  4. Bar chords, picking / strumming techniques
  5. Guitar solos using pentatonic and other scales
  6. How the scales relate to chord progressions
  7. Beginner to advanced theory

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